Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From the mouths of babes

My two year old has hit her speaking stride. Everyday she's got new words...well words only her mother can figure out. Okay after we spend twenty minutes playing charades.

"Moley"she says. "Mole?" I ask. "Nooooo" (with a slight key change at the end). "Moley" she says. "Goalie?" I ask. I'm reaching because she has never seen a hockey game ever. "Noooooooo" she says, "MOOOLLEYYYY" like I 'm deaf. "Ohhhhhhh I got it" I say "MONKEY!!!!" "Nooooooo" (and key change) "I don't know baby, I just don't know", feeling like a total failure. And then she says "it okay Mommy me know don't too...cake."

Dr Sears can tell us how their brains function but he can't tell us how to understand what the hell they're saying. It's like I'm trying to understand a very sloppy drunk "Nell".

Okay, I need a nap.
Erin Keazzzzzzzzzzzzz...

"Observation of the day"
Clint Black and George W. look very similar...although on Celebrity Apprentice Clint seemed controlling, chauvinistic and not that bright. Wait a second.

"Song of the day"
"Rock Me Right" Artist: Susan Tedeschi Album: Just Won't Burn

"The Deal of The Day!"
Price Choppers has Crispy Mini's on sale for $1.25 a bag.
WHATTTT!!!!!!!! First bag was gone in 5 minutes... good thing I bought five of them and good thing I don't have 25 minutes to myself.

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