Sunday, September 8, 2013


Ohhh religion, why do we get in trouble when we talk about you?

I grew up catholic. We went to church on Sundays. My mom promised if we were good we could visit the coffee shop for donuts after service. I was really good. It was only a few years that we went regularly and then it was Easter and Christmas and then just Christmas and then I went to musical theatre school and if a Catholic god couldn't accept my gay dance partner well he wasn't my god. My mom was pissed cuz I got all loud about it. I was twenty.

Today we're going to a visit a place that's a spiritual centre. I kinda like the sounds of that. Every group has people who LOVE to organize and lead and that makes me nervous. A few years ago I went to a Unitarian church ( I loved that group, everyone is welcome). I had a fantastic time. We coloured rocks and sang "All You Need Is Love'. It was totally my speed. I convinced my husband (who's not a fan of organized religion) to come the next Sunday with the girls. I kept selling it hard to him all week. I couldn't wait for him to see this was "our new church".

You know it's going to shit right?

We get there, sit down and I can't wait to see the look on my husband's face when he realizes he loves this place and that's when a woman standing at the front asks all the children to come up and stand with her . They all stumble up there and then she says "Today I would like each child to light a candle for those who suffered and died in the HOLOCAUST and then we'll discuss the events."
Brett looks at me and then calls the kids and leaves. I"m not sure which I was more concerned about my three year old holding fire or the TOPIC. Why were they lighting things? Why do kids at three and six need to know about these horrible events? Can we go back to singing Beatles songs? These questions were going through my head as I followed my husband out the door.

That was the last time we tried "Church".

I also forgot to mention there was a guy there in leather chaps who was playing the didgeridoo
and  a very overly affectionate polygamy relationship happening in the corner.

 Wish me luck. I know one thing for sure. If I'm good, we're going for donuts.

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