Monday, February 18, 2013

The Family That Plays Together...

I write this on "Family Day" 2013 in hopes that the new holiday will not end up costing me an extra several hundred dollars every year in the near future.  "Family Day!" Oh the pressure!! When the government officially gives us a day off, I feel like the only way to have a successful holiday is to be doing something amazing for 12 hrs straight.

Will there be family themed cupcake wrappers, cards, napkins, socks with "family" written across them? Earrings with parents dangling from one ear and children and a cat or dog dangling from the other, all filling the shelves at the dollar store?

Side note: I truly believe dollar stores would not exist if it weren't for me buying holiday themed decorations, crafts, and accessories every year.

Now I'm going to feel pressure to seek out an indoor carnival every year on family day because it's the classic overpriced fun family outing.


Right now I'm sitting here in the kitchen while my children watch T.V. in the next room (Yes, it's heroin for kids eyes.) under bedsheets that have been tacked to the walls to make the biggest tent this semi detached house could ever accommodate.  I'll probably make some burnt grilled cheese sandwiches, running outta bread halfway through, then we might go skating but the chances are 50/50 because laundry is a priority and it's f'ing freezing outside!  Then we'll top off the day with homework which we'll do as a family because the new math is REALLY hard, and wrap it up with a meatloaf for dinner. But there will be a lot of laughing!

My girls will probably remember this day forever and I didn't spend a dime. 

This is a family day.

Now if we can just get the Government to launch a "Give Parents A Break" day!


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