Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Million Dollar Invention!

Okay, I love my kids.
I REALLY love them.
I craft with them, I dress up with them, I play dollhouse, camping, we read, write, draw, bike ride, bake, swim, dance, garden, tea party ... you get the idea.
There are times however when I just need to take a dump without the bathroom door swinging open and being hurried along because somebody is going to pee her pants.
Yes we only have one bathroom and yes it's very third world country of us.
I also would like to take a bath without some tiny person swinging that same door open and insisting I play with their bath toys.
I'd like to read a couple of pages from a book or go on facebook or start and finish a cup of tea (before it gets cold). Watch a WHOLE movie without pressing pause 26 times. Ok, if a movie is out of the question, how about one segment of Oprah. Just one segment!

Well folks I've come up with the solution every mother on this planet has been waiting for. A product that let's you have "your time" and no one can get near you.
You can still hear and see those precious offspring but maintain your own personal space. Your little slice of heaven that you can call your own.
Ladies, I give you... The Mommy Crate!
Only 69.99
Wine not included.


  1. Throw in the wine and it's a deal!
    For real, though. I was trying to labour in the tub when my kid came in and threw a plastic cup in with me.


  2. I'll pay extra if I don't have to assemble it, since the kids will want to help out, and that as you know, doesn't really 'help'...

  3. I'll come with a rubber mallet and if any ankle biters get to close it'll only happen once...(LOL)

  4. I am childless, but could definitely use this for another situation altogether: Those nights when I have had a nice evening at home alone, and the boyfriend has been out on the lash with the lads.

    Because we all know what happens to a lad when he get a few (dozen) pints in him: he comes home thinking it's time for Rooooomance...even if it's a Tuesday and 2 in the morning.

    And you are fast asleep.

    And have been for 4 hours.

    I would rather lock myself up in a cage on these nights then put up with the drunken pawing that almost indefinitely ensues.

    Especially since, ladies...we all know how those drunken "romance" times turn out. You want a Zzzzzzzzzz? Mmmmm-hmmmm...

    ...P.S. I will just take the wine. Give me the wine already.

  5. Speaking of peeing one's pants, I laughed so hard when I saw the photo of you enjoying private time in your, uh, special enclosure, that I almost did that myself. I wish I'd thought of this tactic when my kids were little. Heck, come to think of it, it's probably still a good idea . . . they're only 14 and 17 now. ;)